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Old School.

Outdated forgotton homepages.



Potato God Website (comedy).

I think this one is my favorite (entertainment).

The site design makes me want to throw up (may cause eye strain) (ugly website).

The Official Website of Severe Trampoline Wrestling! ( Kinda weird, but silly nontheless.) .

A guy named Frank makes a website where he draws old mcdonald rides (The website actually looks really good for 2007).

Hundereds of pages to sort through. (This website is a mirror site for

KoRn Fan Website (Some images are broken).


Some story related website.

I don't understand what the hell this garbage is...

An ARG project that was abandoned in 2012.

Uh.. OKay.. I don't understand the purpose of this..

A classic pick-your-own adventure website (This one is one of my favorites).

Whoever created this site loves David Bowie.

You know the saying a smile can hide a thousand tears. Yeah.. Just look at the girl's faces. (ecspecially the girl on the right).

Rainbow Dragonfly Simulator (hyper hallucinogenic drug simulator) (Also, this website REFUSES to archive because of all the cluttered S**T on it. ALSO ALSO, It attempts to download midi files so yeah...

A collection of stuff people used to have on their desktops..

Mark Zucc.'s old angelfire website (some pages may not be archived since he deleted his website around 2015 I think...).


New Sites Added! (Last Updated April 30, 2019)

An example of all you shouldn't do when making website. (plays some trumpet music)

Purto Rico Weather Site (very boring).

Angelfire Review Website (Makes an attempt to open a pop-up but all modern vershions of firefox and chrome block them).

I am confused why this website is called the hall of shame. Don't let your mind wander too far or you might come out differently..

Ascii Library (Part of the Angelfire Ascii Webring!).

Beth's Bread Forum.

The Akashic Brotherhood ( A Favorite, cool website).

Mr.T goes back in time to stop the assassination of our 16th president.

Anti-Microsoft website (Toasty-Tech's is still better).

Raf's Atari 8-bit web page, containing over 300 links to Atari 8-bit web and ftp sites, Ramdrive Ramdisk, a8jdpeg, JpegView and JpegShow JPEG viewer and Journey to the Planets solutions"> .